The Cosmic Heart Spiral

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More about the Cosmic Heart® by Zilla Adams:

The "Cosmic Heart®" is an exquisitely beautiful master-work of art. The gleaming kinetic sculpture has graceful lines and gentle spiral movements which delight and mesmerize the eye. The piece is suspended in mid-air and, when revolving gently, it creates harmonies of form and motion that appear magical and hypnotic. The outer egg-shape and inner spiral move in opposite directions, even though they are one connected piece rotating in only one direction. This appears impossible, and yet, it is happening right before ones eyes The piece symbolizes The Spiral of the Cosmos, i.e.: the celestial energy moving downward while the earths energy moves upward - simultaneously The egg and heart shapes combine to represent The Birth of Unconditional Love. The harmonies and rhythms are based on the ancient mathematical proportions of the Golden Section, or Golden Mean, found also in the egyptian pyramids and great cathedrals. The opposing spirals replicate the spirals found in the DNA molecule and the ancient greek Caduceus, the symbol of medicine and healing.

It is compelling to watch and yet calming to the mind. The viewer experiences an almost hypnotic level of relaxation, yet feels stimulated and energized. So, it has scientifically based, utilitarian functions, as well as, artistic merit.

The creator, artist/engineer Michael Kauderer, combined the many elements of fine art, mathematics, Devine Geometry, modern physics, Feng Shui, metaphysics and the Healing Arts to convey The Essence of Reality.

It is suspended by a nearly invisible monofilament and can be hung anywhere. It comes in copper 22K gold-plate, is gift-boxed and ready for shipping. No further assembly necessary.

Zilla Adams, Hawaii

[ The Cosmic Heart Spiral ] [ More about the Cosmic Heart® by Zilla Adams ]

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The Cosmic Heart Spiral

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