The Cosmic Heart Spiral

[ The Cosmic Heart Spiral ] [ More about the Cosmic Heart® by Zilla Adams ]
Throughout human history, people have recognized the life force of nature, referred to as ECK, Prana, Ether, Od, Chi, or Cosmic Energy. Inherent in all things, this life energy has been represented by spirals or serpents to symbolize flowing, spiraling movement. The spiraling motion is used to energize water and air in our natural environment.

The Cosmic Heart® spiral is designed in conformance with the laws of a "spherical whirl". The Cosmic Heart® spiral creates this life force energy flow along its beautiful, geometrical form, generating an energy field. To better understand the energy flow it is recommended you rotate the Cosmic Heart® on its vertical axis.

The sculpture will increase energy levels in a room, thus improving the wellbeing of those within proximity of the sculpture. The spiral's vitalizing capabilities can be seen through the increased growth and healthier appearance of plants located near it. The Cosmic Heart® spiral can be used as a Feng Shui tool to vitalize certain areas of your home, as a means of inspiration while meditating, or as a decoration in your home or office to simply enjoy. Placed in your bedroom, it might heighten your active dream state.

The Cosmic Heart® spiral is hand-made in Austria from 24 carat gold and is a design by Michael Kauderer. Size: 4.7" x 4.7" x 6.5".

[ The Cosmic Heart Spiral ] [ More about the Cosmic Heart® by Zilla Adams ]

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The Cosmic Heart Spiral

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