My knowledge of design, rich fabrics and creative insights help evolve cures to fit into western designer homes. A method, unique to me, is using my voice to recognize chi and balance in a home. I've been know to sing Puccini while going up stairs. This skill enables me to be aware of subtle problems that other practitioners may overlook.

My services have helped individuals sell their homes, homes that could have been on the market for a year or more. Preparing the home for a sale (called staging or generating curb appeal) will help put your home in it's best light. Knowing what things to do requires a designer in the know and a Feng Shui artist that can cure.

Such a home was brought to my attention. It was on the market for 2.5 million, hardly a small mortgage. I could see the problem immediately, the front entry table was built in the shape of an arrow, which was turning people away (bad chi). As soon as we changed this, the home sold!



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