With over 25 years of education and experience in Feng Shui, interior design, Chinese healing arts, color therapies, sound therapies, and psychological training, I provide each client an eclectic resource for making their true goals manifest. Using the I Ching, five element theory, interior design, color for healing and interiors, music, sound, light therapy, and Neurolinguistics, my work HEALS HOMES!

I analyze floor plans, building spaces, and architecture, then incorporate the effects of shapes, furniture and land on rooms. Because of my unique background and insights, personal cures provide rapid powerful changes.

I am personally committed to helping clients assess what they want to create in their lives. Evaluating their space or home allows one to co-create their true picture of good fortune and balance. Good fortune is the first step to receiving what is needed from friends, family and work to bring in what is desired. Once this energy is focused and aligned for the client and/or their business, their life takes on a new dynamic. Clients become energized with an attitude for creativity, balance and abundance. As a result, a more balanced response to life's challenges can occur. A balanced foundation is needed to build what we truly want to manifest.



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