My home had been on the market for over a year. After I completed the cures recommended by Johanna it sold within three weeks! Feng Shui gave me insights into aspects of my life that I never realized I had choices over. When I began doing my cures, my imagination took off, as they become a mirror of what I truly wanted to happen in my work, my intimate relationships and my creativity. My wealth corner is now overflowing, forcing me to expand my business.
Gloria Lionz, Santa Cruz CA

I wanted a relationship. Within three weeks after doing Feng Shui, I meet the man of my dreams.
Aubain Camperi, Sacramento, CA

I was tired of the limits imposed on me by low finances. I had my home Feng Shui'ed and found myself with a wonderfully abundant new job.
Lori Filacheck, San Jose, CA

I wanted my home to be more quiet and peaceful. After I had it Feng Shui'ed my home felt more settled and peaceful. Johanna also used colors that enhanced my health and decor. She provided me with western cures that worked with my antiques.
Martha Elle, San Mateo, CA



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